Keeping family/primary caregivers in tip-top shape

Caring for a loved one with a chronic illness or disability can present many challenges. There may be instances when you need a break from your caregiving duties due to excessive stress, fatigue, mental health concerns, and feeling burnt-out & restless. When this happens, respite care is the right service for you. Respite care is an essential part of the overall support that families may need to help their loved one with a disability or chronic illness remain at home and continuously receiving high-quality care as they rest, rejuvenate, and catch up with personal affairs.

Elyon HHC’s respite caregivers offer temporary relief to the primary/family caregiver’s duties and responsibilities, giving way for them to take their much-needed and well-deserved break. We see to it that all the care needs of their ailing loved ones are met expertly and professionally with love and respect.

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