Respite Services Are Not Created Equal

Respite Services Are Not Created Equal

Don’t feel guilty if you want to take a rest. As a family caregiver, you deserve to get refreshment after serving your loved one with the best possible personal care that you can manage. There are different respite services that you can choose from to suit your preferred schedule or setting.

  • Respite in an Adult Day Care.
    If you’re planning to have a short break in a couple of days and still want to go home within that period of time, you can send your loved one to an adult day care center. This type of respite care can give you a full day of rest while temporary care is being provided to your senior.
  • Respite in a Facility.
    With daycare, your loved one has to stay for a specific time during the day and go home after the scheduled time. On the other hand, facility-based respite allows your senior to stay in a facility for a day or two while you’re on a vacation. Rest assured that quality home health care in Northern, Virginia is being catered to your family member.
  • Respite at Home.
    If you’re concerned with security or if your senior is more comfortable at home, you can hire a dependable companionship provider to look after your loved one in your own residence. Since you’ll not pay for the amenities of a facility, this is more affordable and accessible for you.

For more inquiries about how a respite service is being provided, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Elyon Home HealthCare LLC. We have a dedicated staff to answer your call at 703-986-0161. Talk to us today!

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