Receiving Intensive Medical Care at Home

Receiving Intensive Medical Care at Home

Are you afraid to go out because of the coronavirus pandemic? Is staying at the hospital or nursing home not a part of your options? Do not fret. You can receive top-quality medical care at the comfort of your home. With the help of certified providers of home health care in Northern, Virginia, seniors can age in the place of their choice: the home.

  • Rehabilitative Care.
    If you have a chronic disease or are in a post-operative condition, home health offers support to restore your strength, mobility, and functionality. Registered and licensed nurses are well-equipped in therapeutic care in addition to your personal care requirements.
  • Skilled Nursing Care.
    Trained and skilled health professionals help with wound dressing, health monitoring, and a lot more. With private duty nursing, you have someone who can attend to your medical needs whenever you require assistance. Rest assured that you get the medical attention you need while recovering in your own abode.
  • Medication Management.
    Whether you’re taking a prescribed medicine due to an illness, surgery, or injury, following a standardized model of medication management provides better results. Home health care ensures that you achieve your optimal health and wellness amidst the pandemic. Respite care is also offered to make sure that your medication and overall health condition are being monitored.

We, at Elyon Home HealthCare LLC, are committed to delivering exceptional medical care services. To learn more about how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Call our dedicated representative at 703-986-0161 today!

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