Skilled Nurse Companion at Home


Private duty nursing or PDN is a type of home care service that is provided to individuals who require skilled care and 24/7 nursing care. These nurses do more than just supplement the caregiving responsibilities of the family or guardian. They are licensed and registered nurses who will work to restore or maintain the patient’s optimal level of function and health.

Needless to say, PDN provides health care services that your loved one needs. Here are some of the benefits of having a private nurse.

  • A care plan that is based on personal care needs. This typically involves grooming and other ADLs but can be adjusted based on the current needs of the patient.
  • Ensure proper nutrition through proper meal planning. They can help manage food allergies and food sensitivities, as well as comply with dietary restrictions.
  • Seniors and ailing individuals usually take maintenance medication on a daily basis and PDN can help keep track of that. They can ensure that medications are taken on time and monitor possible side effects.
  • With the right instructions, patients can still engage in physical exercise. Range of motions such as stretching and bending can be done safely with the help of PDN.
  • Like any other home health care services, PDN is accommodating and can offer you respite care. You can count on Elyon Home HealthCare LLC to help you with your loved one’s health care needs as you take a break to take care of yourself.

For more information about our Home Health Care in Northern, Virginia, contact us at 703-986-0161 or send us a message at We’d be happy to talk to you and help you with what you need.

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